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How to Start Selling Your Digital Products for free

If you’re someone looking to start earning extra income by selling digital downloads, you’re likely looking to get started with minimal upfront costs.

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While starting a new online adventure can be exciting, it can also be quite overwhelming for newbies. You’ll discover that product creation is just one piece of your online business. Getting your product listed and up for sale is an essential part of your business roadmap. Customers can’t buy all these pretty products just hanging out on your laptop if you don’t have them listed and available for sale.

Where to Sell Your Digital Products

When it comes to selling your digital products, there are several options to choose from but today we’ll be taking a look at why Payhip is becoming a popular option for sellers.

Consider Choosing PayHip

Payhip deems itself as an all-in-one digital storefront that allows you to easily sell digital downloads and courses. The platform is used by authors, therapists, digital product creators, bloggers, designers, and more. Just take a look at a few of the testimonials from happy customers.

Pros of Selling on PayHip

There are several benefits to choosing PayHip as your e-commerce platform such as:

Ease of Use: One of the hallmarks of PayHip is its simple interface that allows you to set up shop and be ready to start selling in a limited time.

Customizations: PayHip has a customizable store builder that allows you to easily style and brand your shop to suit your aesthetics. They have several templates to choose as your starting point.

Pricing: Unlike Etsy, there are no costs to list your products on PayHip and they offer three pricing plans to choose from. One of which is free but does have a higher transaction fee than the plus or pro plans.

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Products: While PayHip is geared towards digital product creators, they do offer the ability to sell physical products, courses, coaching services, and even memberships as well.

Payouts: Currently you can set your shop to select payments via PayPal and Stripe. They also report and pay digital digital EU/UK VAT taxes for you as well, if applicable.

Marketing Tools: With Payhip you can set up coupons, upsells, cross-sells, and even offer referral incentives.

Affiliate Program: You can even set up an affiliate program for your shop as well.

Email Marketing: PayHip integrates with several email marketing services like Convertkit and Mailchimp. However, they offer the ability to send customers email updates directly from the system, if you don’t currently have an email service provider.

Custom Domain: Although not required, you can connect your own domain or sub-domain to Payhip for free. We’ve connected our shop to a custom domain.

Blog: The platform also offers the ability to have a blog along with your shop.


Cons of Selling on PayHip

Although there are several benefits of selling your digital products via PayHip, there are a few cons to using PayHip.

Brand Awareness: There might be some brand awareness lost because you’re selling on another platform instead of your own site; however, the ability to connect your custom domain helps solidify your brand.

Affiliates: While PayHip offers the ability to create an affiliate program for your shop, it’s a bit clunky from the affiliate perspective. At one time, they required an individual to have a separate email address to sell via the platform and another email address to join an affiliate program. This may have changed.

SEO: As each product created has random letters in the product URL, there is a potential loss of SEO.

Is PayHip Right for You

While PayHip has some cons, the platform offers a way to launch your digital product shop for free with minimal effort and without the need for technical expertise. Are you ready to join over 130,000 sellers? Get started building your online shop with PayHip today!

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